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january 21 2024 postal service rate change

Product Quick Reference Operator Guides


PostBase (scale is black plastic)

To clear a message stating 'postal sync required' or 'meter is locked', please print the Quick Reference Operator Guide for your meter below.  The Quick Reference Operator Guide will provide help on this and other operator related questions. 

Freedom Office Solutions

VISION (scale is clear plastic)

Summary of the primary changes for postage meter users (meter users pay less for postage than stamps)   

  • First Class Mail LETTER - Increasing from $.63 to $.64 (1 ounce rate)  
  • First Class Mail POSTCARD - Increasing from $.51 to $.53
  • First Class Mail LARGE ENVELOPE - Increasing from $1.35 to $1.39


For more rate change details including system specific rate download instructions and troubleshooting, click RATE CHANGE HELP(Locate your system, click Get Support, click Rate Change).  

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